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Metal Pallets


Half Drop Gate Box Pallets

Basic dimensions: 1,200×800×600
Both dimensions are made with a variation of half drop gates and a variation of skids.
Based on requirements it is possible to adjust the dimensions and load capacity.
Pallets are certified.

Simple Metal Pallet

Basic dimensions of this pallet are: 1,200×800×140.
Dimensions and load capacity can be adjusted according to customer's specifications.
Pallets are produced in various modifications (stamped bottom, smooth bottom or with a raised edge).
The skids can be supplemented with a special rubber strip.
This pallet is certified.

Metal Pallet for Tyres

The pallet is used for storing, handling, stacking and transporting tyres.
The dimensions are adjusted based on the customer's demands and possibilities.
Set of pallets can form a rack system.
Pallets are certified.

Segmented Pallet for Rolls

The pallet is used for storing, stacking and transporting of cylindrical rolls (glass-plastic textiles, carpets, etc.).

Metal Pallet for Forged Pieces

Basic dimensions: 1,200×800
Pallets are suitable for forged pieces, castings, etc.
Height and load capacity can be adjusted according to customer's requirements.

Variable Storage Unit

Empty units can be nested.
Units are stackable up to 4 layers.
Easy forklift manipulation.
Set of units can be used as pallet racking.

Pallet for Bar Material

The pallet is used for storing, manipulating and transporting of all types of bar material (pipes, round timber, etc.).
Easy manipulation using overhead crane manipulator.

Pallets for Sheet Material

This pallet is designed for transporting and storing sheet material.
The pallet is equipped with rubber elements preventing damage to the stored or transported material.

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