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Steel Structures


Our further priorities include delivery and installation of steel structures.

It is our philosophy to offer you a complete service.

We will provide manufacturing, tooling, delivery and installation of your new steel hall from the initial idea, through the design, to the construction solution at a fair price.

Services we provide rely on our experience, knowledge and expertise. We employ competent, trained fitters, riggers and certified welders – whereby we guarantee quality and professional craftsmanship.


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Building Cladding and Roofing


Based on your ideas we will ensure production, delivery and final installation of building cladding according to your requirements.

We utilise several different systems to provide building cladding:

  • Sandwich panels with mineral wool core or polyurethane core panels of diverse parameters and widths installed horizontally or vertically
  • Assembled cladding – thermally insulated C purlin; trapezoidal sheet on the outside
  • Trapezoidal sheets
  • We work together with the producers of the individual components, therefore, apart from the final installation, we are also able to provide production and delivery of the whole cladding including insulation and accessories based on your requirements.

Our guarantee of professional craftsmanship are the top-quality, trained employees with necessary and abundant experience in this area. 


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Prefabricated Structures


We have been providing installation of prefabricated structures for over 10 years (references).

We have several installation teams with abundant experience in this area available.

All our employees are trained and hold the necessary certificates and exams.

We provide all the necessary steps for beginning, performance and finishing of the installation in accordance with the project documentation.

We work together with respected companies producing prefabricated reinforced concrete structures. Based on your suggestions and requirements we will supply complete project documentation, production and installation of your office building, warehouse, production hall, etc.

If you decided to build from iron and concrete, we would like to offer you the following advice.

Prefabricated reinforced concrete structures compensate for some of the drawbacks of monolithic concrete structures (labour-intensive formwork, weather influence, etc.).

Prefabricated structures have the following advantages:

  • • Eliminating the wet process from the construction site shortens the time of construction and the time necessary for building the formwork – increased construction speed leads to cost savings
  • • Industrial production of components is not influenced by the weather conditions
  • • Manufactured components are of higher quality; concreting under optimal conditions allows producing concrete of the highest classes
  • • All problems related to formwork and partially also to assembling the scaffolding are eliminated
  • • Building formwork for complexly shaped cross-sections on the construction site is almost impossible – components can have statically more favourable cross-sections
  • • Shrinkage that occurs during setting and hardening of the concrete occurs mostly during manufacturing



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